A 25

Perfect Handling .. Worth having

Hawtai A25 is a brand new city recreational model of SUV which is completely designed and made by our European R&D Center.
The main middle waist runs through the Front to the Back and the lively under waist, and rear clearly ending, making the vehicle giving a strong visual impact: the atmosphere without procrastination, rather petite smart.

The particuar Hawtai face design, making the the car has a more distinct brand identity, fully embodies the R & D design team has a meticulous intentions to maintain the overall Hawtai brand image.

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Configuration Gasoline 1.5T Manual Gasoline 1.5T AT
Technical Status Description Configuration 6MT 4AT
Luxury Honor Luxury Honor
Engine 15S4G
Throttle Type Electronic Accelerator
Power system control method CAN Control
Displacement 1.5L
Emission Level EuroLV
Drive Type 2WD
Transmission SCM250 4FA22
Max. Power (kw) 115
Engine’s Maximum Power Speed(rpm) 5500
Max. Torque (N.m) 215
Engine’s Maximum torque speed(rpm) 2000