A25 EV

A25 EV compact pure electric SUV, 266km cruising range, fast charging time 1-2H, stable performance, 8 years / 120,000 km super quality warranty, safe driving, A25 EV pure electric SUV using permanent magnet synchronous motor The maximum speed is greater than 130km/h.


The battery compartment of the A25 EV is placed in the lower part of the chassis. Through the redesign of the chassis and suspension system, the passability and safety of the vehicle are improved accordingly, and the performance of the battery pack is also improved. The A25 EV charging system can be charged with a civilian 220V power supply. A25 EV pure electric SUV is equipped with intelligent LCD instrument display system, full-featured, intelligent interconnection, able to display battery voltage, energy recovery, gear position and other information.

The tiger’s front face shape makes the front face more powerful, and the side shoulder line is like running water, full of three-dimensional feeling.

6 airbags, 360 images, lane departure warning, ESP, comprehensive protection of user safety, comfortable and intelligent configuration such as smart key and one-button start, automatic headlights, automatic wiper, 10 inch LCD instrument, electric seat are all available.

The rear suspension is a multi-link independent suspension, which surpasses the same level of products and brings extraordinary driving enjoyment.